Hawaiian Shave Ice

Every area or region is known for its culture which includes its history, clothing, food etc. People memorize different regions of the worlds based on these features. When we particularly talk with respect to the food items then shave ice is one of those items that are present in almost every region of the world but with different name. The people of Italy use the word Granita, it is called Raspado in Mexico and simply known as Hawaiian shave ice in Hawaii. Shave ice was introduced in the islands of Hawaii by the Japanese who came here for sugar plantation. Apart from sugar plantation, they started selling it in Hawaii on every Sunday. This trend continued to grow with every single day.

I am sure, you must have tasted the shave ice in your life but let me ask you one question. Have you ever tried Hawaiian shave ice? If yes then it is great but if your answer is no then I must tell you that you have missed a great thing in your life. I can guarantee you that you will forget all other things after having Hawaiian shave ice as its taste is simply marvelous. It has now taken the place of a popular snack in Hawaii. You can easily find it anywhere in Hawaii including the coffee shops, shave ice stalls, lunch wagons and various other public places.

Shave Ice Store in Hawaii

It is a good alternative for soft drinks as it not only removes your thirst but also refreshes you. The outsiders usually use word snow cones but the people of Hawaii call it shave. There is a huge difference between snow cones and shave ice. Snow cones are made by crushing the ice and they just resemble the actual snow cones. Latter is made by shaving the ice instead of grinding or crushing it. Although, the Hawaiian shave ice just look like a snow cone but it is tastier as compared to it as all the flavors get mixed in to it instead of settling to the bottom of the cup.

Hawaiian Shave Ice

Hawaiian shave ice can be made within few minutes. In the first step, the ice is shaved which is then placed in to paper cone for giving it the shape of a cone. It is then placed in the cone shaped cup. After doing so, various syrups are poured on the ice for adding flavors in it according to the taste of customer. Just like a favorite drink, people also have favorite flavors. When it comes to shave ice then my favorite flavor is Pina Colada flavor which is of pinkish red color. If it is difficult to decide any particular flavor then you may select the all time rainbow flavor which is a mixture of multi colors.

Do you know that you can also make Hawaiian shave ice at your own home? It is very simple and easy. What you need to have is an efficient shave ice machine for shaving the ice. As far as syrups are concerned, you can buy your favorite flavors from the market as these syrups are easily available in retail stores. Making shave ice at home is a fun especially that part in which you make cubes of ice and add flavors in it.