How to Make Shave Ice

Are you interested in learning something that can help you earn a decent amount of income? Or perhaps you just want help your family and friends cool off on a long, hot summer's day. Well did you know it's really easy to learn how to make shave ice? The process is quite simple, and you can earn a good amount of money by doing such a thing, especially in the summer months. You need to take care of some tasks before starting a snow cone or shaved ice business. First of all, the main item you need to obtain is a shave ice machine. The kind of machine you need to buy is the one that allows you to place a big spinning block of ice on top of the blades that creates the "ice shaving" effect.

There are other ingredients that are needed in order to have to learn how to make an ice shaving business. In order to get started shaving ice, you need to have at hand many different kinds of shave ice flavorings and blocks of ice, cones for the shaved ice, and an area where you'll sell the shave ice. There are many things needed in order to start this kind of business. Before all of that, you'll really need the step-by-step instructions on how to make shave ice.

How to Make Shave Ice

Here are the step-by-step instructions you'll need to know in order to learn how to make shave ice:

  1. First source a big block of ice that will fit into your machine. You can either buy these or freeze them yourself. Circular shapes work best as they are more balanced when spinning.
  2. Set the ice block on the blade area, and wind the clamp down onto it. You must ensure you clamp hard enough that the block won't spin loose, but not too hard that you crack the ice.
  3. If your machine has guard around the ice block area you should always close it.
  4. Turn the machine's switch to on and the block will begin to spin, shredding the block of clear ice and causing the shavings to fall out below the blades.
  5. The ice shavings are collected into the shave ice cup that you place below the blade area, these are what you'll be selling to your customer of giving to your friends.
  6. After the ice shavings reach nearly an inch above the brim of the cup, pack the shavings into a semi-firm nice round shape using your hand. Add more shave ice if necessary and pack again.
  7. Add the shave ice flavorings to the ice. There are so many flavorings to choose from. You can start adding the flavoring on the inner sides of the shave ice cup or cone and then meet the flavoring in the center while easily rotating the cup. Stop adding flavoring when the whole portion of shaved ice is fully colored with the flavoring. Half one flavor and half another is quite popular, but the important thing is not to saturate the ice too much.

It's definitely a very nice plan being able to start this kind of business. If you really want to start a very great summer gig, then learning how to make shave ice and setting up a stand would be the ideal one for you to begin. In saying that, it may be a little difficult to start at first, because you will still need to have some money for your startup costs set aside. But with the right timing, you'll be able to find the right kind of machine for this sort of business and don't discount the idea of purchasing a good quality used shave ice machine in the beginning to get things going. Make sure though that the machine you select is easy to work with. If you're trying to figure out how to make shave ice, you should definitely be able to do such a thing after reading this article, it really is that simple. Just make sure you obtain the needed business stand, flavorings, ice machine, and other ingredients and tools in order to make this a profitable business. It can be done, and you'll be able to do it.